Thursday, April 2, 2015


Quinn's attempt to destroy our lives with his enthusiasm and distructo-skills have left me little time to keep up with this blog. That said, we lost our Mukki this week to old age and organ failure. He didn't suffer long and left us a big hole in our hearts. Quinn is almost seven years old and he has pretty much stopped destroying everything we own. Tala and Lulu have maintained their usual level of mayhem.
RIP, my dear man:

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Vote for Quinn until May 28th!

Help us win a gift certificate at Harris Teeter, you can vote every 24 hours!

I used a photo of our little angel from his first trip to the beach in Wilmington, NC.

As Dawn Goldsmith says:
"Quinn looks like a mess in pretty packaging!"

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tala eating rock hard bread

I tried to toast slices of some bread for bruschetta from Farm Bell Recipes, using Suzanne's  No Knead Grandmother Bread -it didn't turn out so well, the slices turned rock hard but the dog's love it!

See movie:

Quinn has grown into a "little shit" -he routinely comes up and talks or yells at me!

We heard that dogs can learn a 200 word vocabulary, so we try to use the same phrases. Quinn we had from birth when his rescued Mom gave birth to him one cold morning, a surprise to all! Quinn is the only one who actually tries to use his learned vocabulary to talk back to us! I am very sure I do not want to know what he's saying!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Bed Protection!

Today I received a very cool doggy bed cover, no not for dog beds but for my bed (which the dogs think is theirs!) Below you can see Mukki and Quinn testing it out! It looks a little messy because the guys offered to test it before I could straighten it out.

I got it on Woot for $19, so you might need to search around to find a bargain, but here is the web site with a movie. I have a really thick 18" mattress and it fits well and even covers pillows! This is a link to their web site: pawsOFF Bed Cover

Friday, December 9, 2011

I seem to keep forgetting my promise; nay, my vow to keep this blog going!

Okay updates:

Mukki -is slowly losing his alpha position to the younger, stupider Quinn. He is not happy about it, neither are we! He is still looking good and behaving himself. Santa probably will shoot over the house this year due to the 2 kittens Mukki ate, damned siberians! All I can say is we were on vacation and the dogsitter was in hysterics and they were found hiding under the back porch. Oddly, the mommy cat, now spayed is still trying desperately to become a house cat! Poor deluded feline. Mukki so far has eaten his way through the door frame but not to the cat! whew! We had to put wooden shutters over the bottom of the picture window before he broke it trying to get to KitKit!

Quinn -know the biggest (well, Tala is bigger but I did not say fattest) let's say he is the biggest fittest dog in the pack. He loves mushing with Mukki and Rich, not competing but enjoying the run. He is still a major PIA and impossible to train or walk on a leash. Whines and cries in the car. Barks and screams like crazy, yet he is still my little splat and mommy's baby. To the left is a video of the chorus of huskies I get to hear every time I leave to go to the store or even just walking to the mailbox! The most vocal is Quinn but it's actually hard to tell, though if you grab Quinn they all shut up, not so if you grab any one of the others!

Tala -was doing really well losing weight on Thyroid meds until other vet cut her dose and now she is putting back on the pounds, sigh! I will try for the saner female vet next time. Tala is otherwise so happy and as cuddly as ever. She has lost power over Quinn and he humps her daily into the ground, which may explain the slight limp today.

This is my sibe's audition for Glee

Lulu -allows us to pat her and is a shameless beggar for dog cookies. She also naturally 'heels' when I walk her. She is a different dog in the car, she rides in the passenger seat puts her head in your lap and is sooo happy. If I ever had to take a road trip, she'd be my go-to-dog! She is only a little skittish and shy enough to quickly become everyone's favorite. Guests spend most of their time trying to woo her and I guess that is her secret :-)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Has Quinn Started Growing Up? (fingers crossed!)

Well, things are getting a little calmer here, Quinn may be growing up! He follows me around everywhere and tries to be good. He doesn't always succeed. He can bring the energy of a situation into the red zone fast! We have a little cat, KitKit, who lives outside and is a source of high anxiety for Mukki and Quinn. If I take Quinn out of the equation, things calm down, Mukki Stays on high alert but doesn't go crazy. I should film them the next time they go into the red zone but my first response is usually to stop it as fast as possible!

We put a hasp on the bedroom door that has actually changed a lot of my life. No more hiding pillows in the morning, no more torn sheets and the hole in the mattress can now be fixed! Felt like I was living under siege, but now things are calmer... hope it's a trend.