Monday, October 1, 2007

Dirt Sled Training: Day 2

Day 2 for training was very excited, everything that could go wrong did; we had gang lines snap and dogs taking off down the path, wheels falling of scooters, and a couple of "mishaps" caused my crazy squirrels running across the path. We ran a total of 8 miles and Tala and Mukki kept up their usual pace. One thing is for certain they don't like to be behind another team, they'll really push it to get out front. This weekend we had a total of 6 dogs and 3 rigs going down the path and a beautiful day. Again we had fun and this time we remembered to take some photos and video.

Dirt Sled Training: Day 1

Up until this day, Cris and I would walk and run the kids every morning for 2 miles. As soon as they started working together during the run and when i couldn't keep up anymore we thought it was time for them to try running a dirt sled, So we gave Robin their foster mom and experienced dryland musher a call. As you would have guessed they were naturals. Mukki took the lead and keeps Tala in check most of the time, squirrels on the path pose a slight problem -more on that later. We averaged about 15 mph for the first 2 miles and about 9 mph for the whole 4 mile trip, not a bad start for a first time. We still have a lot of training to do both for the dogs and for us, but It was a blast and Tala and Mukki were so happy. We had so much fun that we forgot to take pictures of the event. The pups slept good that night.

Meet Tala

Tala is a gray and white Siberian Husky with two of the most beautiful blue eyes. Tala is younger than Mukki, we estimate she's about one year old. She still has a little puppy in her and can be wild and playful, but she is extremely smart and is doing very well in her training. Tala is very curious and will follow you around the house - she doesn't want to miss any action. If you stand still too long she'll sit down leaning up against your leg, it's very cute.

Meet Mukki

Mukki is a black and white male husky with possibly a little malamute or german shepard mixed in. He is bi-eyed with one brown and one blue eye. Mukki is just about 2yrs. He's a kisser and a jumper; occasionally combining the two traits jumping up to give a quick and unexpected kiss on the lips. In the house he is the sweetest he can be, but outside his favorite activity is running and boy does he love to run and run and run...

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Mukki & Tala

Tala & Mukki are two Siberian Huskies that Christine and I adopted August 19th 2007 from the Southern Siberian Rescue in Raligh, NC. Tala and Mukki were rescued from the pound and they bonded and became friends while staying with their foster mom Robin H. We were so lucky to find these two sweethearts.