Wednesday, October 31, 2007


We're fostering River, a Siberian Husky who's about 1 year old. He's a sweetheart, very gently and submissive. He gets along great with Tala and Mukki and spends most of his time following Tala and Cris around. Tala and River talk to each other too which is pretty funny :) So far it seems like a pretty good experience for Tala and Mukki. Mukki is establishing himself more as the dog in charge and he gets a little break from Tala now that she has another playmate.

Tala, Mukki and River. River is the pup on the right.

River is a great pup and we don't think we'll be fostering for long :(

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Day 5: The Long Day

Day five was one long adventure. Time and distance can become hard to judge when running sometimes. This trip we traveled 1 mile too far. It certainly didn't feel like 5 miles. but once we realised we found a nice patch of grass on the side of the path and hooked up the picketline.

We brought chicken salad and Cris made some delicious wheat rolls. Robin baked wonderful red velvet cupcakes so it was pretty good picnic. We did however forget the dog bowls for water and had to use the container the cupcakes were in. A few people stopped by to meet the dogs and say hi while we relaxed.

As we were cleaning up and attaching the dogs to the ganglines Tala flipped out of her harness and took off running, luckily i was close and dove when she ran by and grabbed her collar.

Mukki was either showing off how good a lead dog he can be or he just wanted to get home; there were squirrels running across the path, bicyclists, and horses and he stayed focused on the path even pulling Tala in and forcing her to avoid the distractions. I'm proud of him.

Overall we did about 10 miles. Tala and Mukki did pretty good although it was the longest they've ran. Looks like I might be picking up a some kind of trip computer for the scooter :)

Next weekend is the Southern Siberian 5 year anniversary in Raleigh. It sounds like there may be 100+ people and just as many pups. It should be fun.