Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Tala

I would wish you get all you wish for... but that might not bode well for me! LOL

Tala looking for her birthday present under the bed!

Monday, December 7, 2009

We met Santa today!

Pictures with Santa at the Vets.. Tala thought Santa sounded a lot like Dr Strauss... Tala acted like the manatee she aspires to be, Mukki acted like he has a chicken brain, Lulu acted like everyone was gonna abuse her and Quinn acted like he had ants in his pants.... pictures soon!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving SIbes

with a special thanks to Mount Airy Meat Center!

Mukki spent three days guarding, nibbling and finally allowing a feast! During deer season, our butcher graciously gives us deer bones leftover from dressing hunter's deers. We usually use an axe or saw to break them into more manageable pieces but this year, we just wanted a little peace & quiet, so we gave them an entire ribcage with neck and backbone attached. Mukki, being alpha took charge of it, Quinn being second in command made sure Mukki didn't need any help, Lulu just fell asleep so proud of her men.... Tala? she took a smaller bone, ate it and hung out with us LOL. After all, she's not a husky, she's a hairy manatee :-)

Monday, October 5, 2009

How to Deal with Your Dogs on Halloween! by MyMukki

So, do you have dogs that bark when strangers come to the door? For security, that's a good thing but what about Halloween? What do you do then?
 You don't want to frighten the kiddies!

Last year, it was our first Halloween in our new home. We didn't know our neighbors but we were sure they knew our dogs!

We decided the easiest approach was to incorporate the beasts into part of the fun! Here's how you can bring barking dogs into the festivities without scaring the kids!


Have a sign pointing to where your dogs will be hanging out. --> TO THE WEREWOLVES!!! 

Make sure your dogs are unable to get outside. Keep the lights out inside the room or porch, but, have lights on outside, so the kids have lots of visibility.


When children approach your house, ask them if they would like to see the werewolves first or after the candy. All the children at my house screamed "Werewolves first!"


I did not lead the children to the dogs, I simply pointed with my very cool skeleton glove to the end of the deck, where the screened porch was located. The children all ran down to see the werewolves!

 A few children came back and told me that those were really "Snow Dogs!"


Of course, the dogs barked and howled, but after expecting to see werewolves, this only made the children laugh and giggle! 

One of our dogs was only 3 weeks old and my husband was inside to show the children the baby werewolf! Of course, the children had a million questions and we did our best to answer them all.

The parents seemed to enjoy this also. One mother told me that her son was usually terrified of dogs and thanked me for a positive experience.


Most of the children wanted to pat the dogs, which was a terrifying prospect for us! We solemnly told them that the dogs were only allowed to eat one Trick or Treater every year -this made the children laugh and giggle more! 

Halloween ended with low stress for us and lots of fun for all. If only the water delivery guy was as brave as the children!

Tips & Warnings:
Decorate the werewolves den with lots of scary spiders and bats
If you don't have a screened porch use the front window, you know your dog will jump and go crazy -just like a werewolf.
Don't force any kids who refuse to see the werewolves, agree with him or her and offer an extra piece of candy!
It's best to have someone with the dogs, just in case! We had a

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

How to Avoid Falling in Love with a Siberian Husky

Reasons Why you Might Want to Avoid Falling in Love with a Siberian Husky

[under editing process]

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Mighty Quinn -Zero to 50 lbs in 10 months!

Even little monsters were cute at one time!

Here is Lulu -no one knew she was growing a monster inside!
This is just 30 days prior to the big SPLAT

Quinn at 2 days

Quinn at 5 days

Rich holding Quinn at 7 days

Quinn at 21 days, eyes open! Here comes trouble!

Come back soon, there is more to come!.... 10 months, in fact!

Wild fun in the Summertime

A summer spa day. Sadly, Quinn ate these chairs.... they were Mukki's favorites!

Well, you would think things would be quiet in the summertime in North Carolina.

Tala and Mukki afternoon nap under ceiling fan.

After all in previous years, Tala and Mukki have hibernated with their favorite air conditioning vent. Mukki would get his tags caught in the register, Tala snnoze while reading from her summer list. But then came Quinn!

The puppy and his Mom have other ideas. Last week the puppy ate the sofa and this week the Mighty Quinn demolished silk pillows.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

NRT Feb 2nd

Over the past few weeks we have been training Lulu to run. Today she did great and pulled real well; it won't be long before she is in as good of shape as Mukki. Best of all every time Lulu runs she is happy all day. Everyone had a good time Sunday.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

where have we been lately?

LuLu, Quinn and Tala

Up to our knees in siberians! We fostered a few sibes from an abusive situation and ended up adopting one and she had a puppy!

Those who know siberians know they are a handful! Well, a siberian puppy is a real challenge! His name is Quinn, as in "The Mighty Quinn"

Mush on!

Rich and Mukki placed third in a dry land challenge last weekend in VIrginia! It was their first race and lots of fun!