Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Mighty Quinn -Zero to 50 lbs in 10 months!

Even little monsters were cute at one time!

Here is Lulu -no one knew she was growing a monster inside!
This is just 30 days prior to the big SPLAT

Quinn at 2 days

Quinn at 5 days

Rich holding Quinn at 7 days

Quinn at 21 days, eyes open! Here comes trouble!

Come back soon, there is more to come!.... 10 months, in fact!

Wild fun in the Summertime

A summer spa day. Sadly, Quinn ate these chairs.... they were Mukki's favorites!

Well, you would think things would be quiet in the summertime in North Carolina.

Tala and Mukki afternoon nap under ceiling fan.

After all in previous years, Tala and Mukki have hibernated with their favorite air conditioning vent. Mukki would get his tags caught in the register, Tala snnoze while reading from her summer list. But then came Quinn!

The puppy and his Mom have other ideas. Last week the puppy ate the sofa and this week the Mighty Quinn demolished silk pillows.