Monday, November 5, 2007

Day 7: "Passing" Training

We went up to the New River trail again. Its a fun trail to run the dogs on. Robin had a crappy day but she still found time to come out and play and help us train Mukki and Tala. We owe a lot to her.

We ran the dogs up to Fries Junction, crossed the old railroad bridge and went through the tunnel. The tunnel was pretty fun, it gets very dark in there. The pups handled it very well except for one small part where they stopped in the darkest part of the tunnel just long enough for me to run over the gangline and get it caught in the tire -which is really fun to untangle in pitch dark.

We had to make one sharp turn each way, Mukki and Tala still need to learn haw and gee. On the way back we practiced passing and moving over with haw over and gee over commands. Its funny how the dogs like to be out front and will run harder to get there but once in front of the other teams they slow down a bit. Overall they did pretty good, but they still need a lot of training.

We passed a couple cows on the path, Mukki did good keeping Tala from going to say hi. The cows then began following us and headed towards the road. While Robin and I packed up, Cris went off to herd some cattle and get them out of the way of traffic and back towards the farm house, I wish I had pictures. She did good.

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