Monday, January 21, 2008

First Snow

We had our first snow with the pups they were like a puppies hopping around and playing all morning; but it all melted that day. We took them up to the New River Trail Sunday, it was 16F with a 10mph wind, we were cold and Tala & Mukki were ready to run. We did 4 miles, wish I had a sled though, most of the trail was covered in snow and the scooter was sinking and creating a lot of drag. I had to work this time too push the scooter through the snow with the dogs, it was fun and wasn't long before I was feeling a little hot with all the layers I was wearing. We did pretty good averaging about 9mph for the short trip. At the half way point Mukki made a u-turn on command which was awesome. It was too cold for us to take pictures, will try to get some next time :)

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