Sunday, January 3, 2010

January 3rd 2010 Fries, Virginia first mush & swim!

OMG! Well, Rich finally told me the full story of the freezing cold river swim today! He took Mukki and Quinn down a cliff to the river bank for a drink of water. He chose a spot with the only ice in sight. He said it was about 1 inch thick. While still attached to the scooter, Quinn ran out onto the ice and fell through, Rich managed to reach down and pull Quinn out but then Mukki fell in and Rich lost his footing and slid into the water! Air temp was 16ยบ with 28mph gusts of wind! Rich fell in up to his waist (he is 6'3") and he said the cold took his breath away. He managed to pull Mukki out and got back on the scooter and ran back to the truck -4 miles! He had on UnderArmor Cold Gear Base 3.0 long underwear and very thick wool socks (Mt Wash tested) from LLBean. He said he wasn't as much cold as uncomfortable... He said the scooter was pinned behind a tree so provided a good tie down...

Moral of Today: Do not go near deep water in a rapidly moving river with two dogs in frigid weather! Jeese (common friggin sense? LOL!)

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