Sunday, September 5, 2010

Third Day out

Wednesday was the first day of mushing for our guys, morning was 61º -short 1 mile run through the woods. Friday morning was 59º another run and this morning, a fun 55º! Rich took Mukki in lead and Quinn and his mom side by each. Poor Lulu, she can only do the short runs because of her short legs which are due to 5 years of malnutrition and continuous breeding :-(   We sure hope hell has a special level for dog abusers!

Tala and I walked leisurely around the flat land trails, my ankle is almost healed -again! I am thinking of getting a adult trike for us -stability for me and more exercise for Ms Fatté. She lost 6 pounds last month, her thyroid meds look to be working very well! She is also acting frisky and playful, no more sleeping 20 hours a day!

As this is the south, the temps rose fast and everyone enjoyed a relaxing afternoon in the shade. Tala stayed inside since as a princess, she doesn't want dirty feet.

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Cyber-sibes said...

Hi pups! we saw woo commented on our blog & thought we'd drop by yours. Woooooo, woo get to be real sled dogs - that's sooo cool! (We're just urban canines)

jack a-roo & miss moo