Thursday, August 18, 2011

Has Quinn Started Growing Up? (fingers crossed!)

Well, things are getting a little calmer here, Quinn may be growing up! He follows me around everywhere and tries to be good. He doesn't always succeed. He can bring the energy of a situation into the red zone fast! We have a little cat, KitKit, who lives outside and is a source of high anxiety for Mukki and Quinn. If I take Quinn out of the equation, things calm down, Mukki Stays on high alert but doesn't go crazy. I should film them the next time they go into the red zone but my first response is usually to stop it as fast as possible!

We put a hasp on the bedroom door that has actually changed a lot of my life. No more hiding pillows in the morning, no more torn sheets and the hole in the mattress can now be fixed! Felt like I was living under siege, but now things are calmer... hope it's a trend.

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