Friday, October 26, 2007

Need to be Ever Vigilant!

A heck of a way to start the day! We trained the pups to sit several feet back from door and gate when we leave. They have been very good and we've been very proud of them.

This morning, they sat quietly in the back yard while we kissed 'good-bye' and I teasingly asked for a second kiss... Tala in a blink of an eye took the opportunity to shoot out of the gate and run into our neighbor's carport. Rich went after her and I snagged Mukki as he strolled out to see what's what. Tala jumped up on the wall and evaded Rich -taking off down Worth Street! One good thing about these Siberians -they have a 'path' mentality and tend to stay on the sidewalk rather than run into the street. Rich tossed me the truck keys and took off after her.

Rich is 6'3" and runs like a deer -must be his Chreokee blood! I got into the truck without Rich's natural grace and fumbled with seat, keys and lights. Did I mention it was raining? This was another reason Tala's flight took us by surprise -she hates the rain and hates to go out into it to pee!

By the time I got on the street there was no one in sight. I assumed Tala would stay on the sidewalk and turned up the next street -following one of our usual walks. Two blocks up the hill I saw Tala forced into submissive pose (on the ground on her side) with Rich panting over her.

Back home, we told her to lie down and she did but this time with tail between legs -a first for our submissively-challenged Tala! Rich drove to work looking worse for wear and I am writing this with the submissive brat lying at my feet, trying to sneak a few quiet chews on the chair leg and licking my ankle! Mukki is strutting around looking smug and collecting all the toys -even Tala's -Mukki loves to punish her. He has taught me a few lessons in how to deal with her.

We say it all the time, "Never trust a Siberian!" and who got the last laugh? hopefully it will prove to be us! We want to share our lives for a very long time with our pups. All ends well, this time and a good lesson reinforced. Also, Cris gets kisses with door/gate closed from now on!

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Rich said...

nothing like a good run right before work :) Gonna have to remember not to let my guard down again.