Thursday, October 25, 2007

Third day of training...

We started at the picnic spot in Fries VA (pronounced 'freeze') First Robin worked unloading her rigs and euipment while Rich worked on Robin's scooter to help repair some of the damage the squirrel detour caused (a twisted brake pad), While Robin worked on her 4 wheeler -a big mega rig, Cris played with the pack. We had 9 dogs and just sorting them out was lots of fun. It's funny to see the reaction Mukki and Tala have with the pack and visa versa. Old friendships are rekindled and lingering feuds still smolder. Mukki apparently had made some rivals.Cris became smitten with a new member of the pack, an 11 week old pup named yogi!He was so much fun. He hops and skips around the pack -keeping just out of nipping range. He really enjoyed the water. While the gang was out mushing, Cris took the each dog into the water for splashing fun with Yogi. Yogi is so affectionate, you can't help falling under his spell! Mukki and Tala have so much fun on the line waiting for their run, here they are watching as Cris gets out a bag of treats -one for everyone, you can't help feeling like Santa dispensing yums. Mukki wasn't interested and spit his out for Tala to eat! He had only one thing in mind: MUSHING! He is a big galoopey guy who is as happy in harness and on the couch watching NCIS!

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