Thursday, October 25, 2007

Scooter has arrived! YEAH!!

Tala is curious about the new delivery but Mukki is obviously upset. The FedEX man was NOT informed that all deliveries to our house must be accompanied by a cookie! Mukki is looking out the window, I guess he is checking to see if the man will come back with a treat. But, no, he just drove away! The UPS lady has spoiled the mutts terribly, in fact, she will be dissappointed to learn that the scooter came via FedEX and not UPS! LOL Well, here it is: the eagerly awaited new toy: A Diggler DSK from Surprisingly, the dogs were not that interested in the toy as Rich put it together. They are very excited when gear arrives and is unpacked -like the harnesses and the gang lines... I guess it is all about 'them', no interest in the scooter, they must consider it a Rich-toy! :-)

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